.OS example module


Version 5 (December 25, 2021)

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This is a test/basement module for .OS it just sends message back and forth but you can design your own, look at the code for more information on how to build your own module, remember dictionary treated as message, supports notification, pop-up and toast type("type" key in dictionary("n" for notification, "p" for pop-up and "t" for toast), custom message and title("message" and "title" keys in dictionary accordingly), notification icon("notification_icon"), "dismiss" button text("dbuttonmessage") and toast length("toastduration", capped at 5 seconds), text is treated as a system message(appropriate format: [completion code(null treated as successful completion)]:[completion message(can be null)], this might get updated to suit new features, but untill then it will be like this