DND quick-tile w/ timer

by P. Andreas Schmidt, IVE

Version 5 (January 14, 2023)

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My improvement on https://llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/14040. Thanks for this great flow and inspiration!

No-premium free flow

- added a check if screen is locked so it won't show the dialogues but just set to total silence until stopped. You can change that behaviour in blocks 84 & 85.
- after that I realised that the qst wouldn't work, and had to add a delay
- found a way to catch "outside" dnd setting changes and react to those, keeping it inside 30 blocks

For those like me whose reduced android version will not allow you to choose what kind of DND you want or for how long, or you keep forgetting to turn it back off after a while and miss on important calls/msgs, then this flow is probably for you!

Easy to reach through quick tile (android 7.0+)
Lets you 1st choose how many minutes your DND need to be active (0 means until you hit the quick tile again)
2nd what kind DND: alarm only, priority only, total
DND will automatically turn off when it countdown ends

The default DND time is 60, the max is 240 min, you can change it in block 39.

When turned on it will also catch if otherwise the DND setting is changed and adapt.

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