Multilingual dictate SMS (EN)

by P. Andreas Schmidt, IVE

Version 2 (January 18, 2022)

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No-premium free (28 blocks)!
This is a flow I made mainly for use in the car as a handsfree option to dictate SMS text messages in various languages. This is only partially possible with say Google's voice assistant on Android. Here you could have as many languages as you'd want. This should also make it easier to find the right contact since their names will be difficult to find in the wrong language.
So basically the flow goes:
1) ask what language to text in (this is always in English)
2) ask for name of recipient (asks in English, but recognition is in chosen language)
3) goes through found contacts and will ask if right until found
4) asks for message to send
5) plays back what was recognised to confirm before sending, with option to try again or cancel
For the contact finding I chose to use the free ContactsTask tasker-plugin ( by Marco Stornelli, because it will return an array of contacts and above all it can retrieve more than just the primary number which isn't necessarily the mobile number ... That's a big down on the native contact finder block, until improvement in a future update. So the flow will not work without this plugin. If you always have the mobile number saved as the primary number in all your contacts, feel free to replace the plugin with the native block making the necessary adjustments.
You can adapt the array of languages in the different speak and recognise blocks to your needs. You can find the right codes by choosing them from the list in the block and then hitting the "fx" button to the right, and copy that code then. Also adapt the "menu" in the beginning then, as well as block 38 if you have more or less languages.
Attention: I've configured all speak and recognise blocks to be able to use data! If you don't want this then change it.
Hope you enjoy and it works.
Corrections, suggestions etc welcome!