Car Bluetooth

by Rhys O'Connor

Version 1 (January 3, 2022)

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provides basic connectivity to P2P car bluetooth. Next release will include setup menu but values need changing manually for now. Values that need changing are:

Bluetooth device (start and end)

Mic (down as Alexa app here)

Music app (a few times)

Black box app (once, bypass app start if not required. Can also set up with DriveScore)

Announces calls and uses speech recognition to answer, decline, ignore, or text

Plays music automatically

Allows recording selection for black box app (also kinda WIP, works 99% of the time lol)

Main WIP is "barmy mode". Allows on road pausing of black box app for when you might need or want to go "barmy". Not currently an option as I'm working out the kinks.