Buzzkill (notification blocker)

by BenoƮt Favreau

Version 1 (January 17, 2022)

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Block incoming notifications for selected apps, and display them when the blocking is stopped. It is similar to the app called "Buzzkill" on the play store (which is paid :/ ).

- when starting this flow, you are prompt to pick the app(s) for which the notifications must be blocked (by default: Whatsapp, Signal and/or Messenger).
- during this time, notification from this app are completely silent and blocked.
- when the blocking starts, a notification is shown to warn you that all notifications for the desired app are blocked.
- when you decide to stop the blocking by sliding out the notification, the list of the notifications received for this app is shown.

- no consecutive duplicate notifications (because sometimes whatsapp posts its notifications again when its figures out that they have disppeared).
- when you stop the blocking, a notification is brievely posted so that, if you click on it, you can easily re-block the notifications for the current app.

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