Amazfit BIP Accelerometer Data logger

by Seyhan Özen

Version 1 (January 30, 2022)

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Amazfit BIP raw accelerometer data logger using Notify for Amazfit app intents:
It automatically starts/stops Amazfit BIP's accelerometer sensor broadcast and logs raw data as .csv file for a specificied time period (10 second in this example).

Notify for Amazfit app must run in background and connected to Amazfit BIP watch. Also "Tasker Integration" setting must be activated to use intents (from Notify for Amazfit, Tools>Tasker Integration)

Note: Sensor frequency log would be too low (2~3 Hz) in this method and you should calibrate raw [x, y, z] values for m/s², FYI. However it maybe useful for creating some gesture things using Automate, Tasker etc. or simple logs for sleep track or anything.

Besides, if you simply want to log accelerometer sensor data, Notify for Amazfit-Miflt app also provides this option. Start the app and then search for "sensor test" keyword. You will see a real-time sensor graphic. The app is able to log all accelerometer data. To get it, look for the share button on sensor test screen to save log as CSV file. Enjoy.