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by Abdias J

Version 2 (February 13, 2022)

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✅ Premium not required.
✅ Root not required.
✅ User friendly.

"Sell on Facebook" is a small flow that helps you post on groups it semi-automatically, it helps you to post by automatic most of the tedious actions, like clicking on the main selling group, then automates writing the title, price and description...

The "Add Photo" part where you have to select the picture of the article is not automated.

⚠ Works with the Facebook interface in English. You are more than welcome to translate language blocks yourself, if needed.

⚠️ Blocks #6, #41, #84, #76, #204, #205 & #216 might need translation if your Facebook app interface is in another language.

But here is a video showing you how all of this works:

🔗 https://youtu.be/Y1tKx9AL8vA

⚒️ Changelog:

🔹 [1/26/22] (v1.0): First ever release.


⛔ You are not allowed to repost this flow anywhere, only when given explicit permission by the author ("Abdias J").

⛔ Use at your own risk. The author ("Abdias J") does not guarantees its fully functionality every time, this flow may fail and/or may break at any time.

⛔ The author ("Abdias J") is not responsible for any damage or inconcenience that may be caused by this flow.

⛔ The author ("Abdias J") is not responsible of the actions you perform with this flow.

⛔ The author ("Abdias J") is not responsible for any ban or sanction imposed by Facebook on your account or any account used by this flow to automate certain process.

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