🌟RMT: Connect to WiFi

by Rex Torres

Version 7 (April 29, 2016)

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Previously named: Connect to WiFi

Chooses from a pre-configured set of WiFi networks and automatically connects to the one with the strongest signal.

Suitable for automatically connecting to your home/office WiFi without being a battery hog (compared to others that use GPS).

- Configurable scanning mode (new)
You can set between active (faster network scan results, but more battery consumption) and passive (slower results, but more battery efficient) scanning modes.
- Configurable network list
You can set a list of preferred networks to which the plugin will connect.
- Automatic enabling off WiFi adapter
Before connecting, this will automatically enable your WiFi if it is disabled.

When started, you will be asked to choose the scanning mode and to enter a list of your preferred networks. If, later, you want to change the scanning mode or to edit your list, just stop then re-start the fiber/thread. You will then be asked again to set your preferred scanning mode and list of networks.

- Fixed bug preventing the plugin from reconnecting to a network
- Added feature to allow user to choose mode of scanning:
Active - plugin actively initiate a network scan for faster results, but, more battery consumption
Passive - plugin waits for the OS to perform a scan. Maybe slower in obtaining results, but, can be more battery efficient.

* Please set WiFi scanning to "Always" in your device's WiFi settings (Settings > Wi-Fi > Always allow scanning).

** Please search for "RMT: WiFi Auto-Off" and download it. This is a complimentary tool that automatically switches off your WiFi adapter if it hasn't been connected to a network for more than 10 minutes (can be configured). This allows you to save a little more juice for your battery.

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