Internet Connection Changer

by Louis Davis

Version 5 (March 11, 2022)

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An internet connection changer based on your wi-fi and mobile internet connections being used WITHOUT needing a rooted phone.

Unfortunately without rooting your phone you can't have mobile data be enabled/disabled directly in the flow but if you can let your phone go through the motions for a couple seconds this is an Excel alternative.

The flow checks if there is a wi-fi connection and then if the mobile data is correctly enabled or disabled depending on that result.

If mobile data is enabled when wi-fi is connected, or if neither is enabled (though you would probably realise that much sooner) then your quick settings panel will open and the flow will click on the Internet tile and switch on or off your mobile data (provided the tile is on your front page of tiles).

This can be used as a simple widget shortcut that does a check on press and ends after the check.

The wi-fi check can be given arguments to check specific wi-fi (like your home) so that it doesn't pass the check when you're using flaky public wi-fi.

Due to the specificity of some XPaths these may not be correct on other phones so you may need to do some tinkering