[Meta Quest] Clipboard URL & Video Opener + STMGen

by Angelos Exangelos

Version 5 (March 17, 2022)

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This flow was created for the Oculus/Meta Quest 2, requires ADB initially to grant a needed permission and the following three programs to be installed:

-Firefox Reality,
-the latest dev build of Whirligig from Dropbox (hopefully soon on itch.io) for STM generation and playback when multiple video links are in the clipboard at the same time.

WARNING: It is recommended/obligatory to TURN OFF LOGGING for this flow. The log will get huge very quickly and the flow will be terminated as a result.

This flow monitors the clipboard for URLs (checks every five seconds) and does the following:

1. If the clipboard contains ONE video direct link (a URL ending with a file extension such as .mp4) it fires up DeoVR to play the video.

2. If the clipboard contains multiple video direct links (separator: newline, one URL per line, no commas) it creates STM files inside the Movies folder for each video which you can open with Whirligig.

3. If the clipboard contains ONE web address that does not include a video file extension anywhere in it opens the URL in Firefox Reality.

4. Clears the clipboard after successful actions.

ADB is needed for flow to be initially executed, to provide permissions to 'read sensitive logs' for clipboard access. This can be either done on a computer or on an Android phone connected via USB through Bugjaeger.

The ADB command you need to run is:

pm grant com.llamalab.automate android.permission.READ_LOGS