BigOS v1.2.2

by Mathis Harmon

Version 1 (March 14, 2022)

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☆BigCode(Own programming language)
☆Software Update
☆File Manager
☆Text tools
☆Informational Panel
☆Power menu and Notifications open
☆Bug report/Suggestions tool
☆Flip The coin
☆Web Apps
☆And many more...

V 1.2.2:
☆Security has been improved
☆Fixed Informational panel
☆Shrinked block count
☆New Game! Breakout
V 1.2.1:
☆Better NFC Tools
☆New App! BigCode!!!
V 1.2.0:
☆Major Update!
☆New App! The Hall Of Fame
☆New App! Random LightShot Screenshot
☆New App! Google Translate
☆New App! Music
☆Builit-in music
☆Added sound effects switches in settings
☆Better root mode
☆New App! Tips
☆New App! Changelog
☆New App! BigOS News
☆Better Recovery
☆Test Updates Server
V 1.1.1:
☆New app! QR Code Generator
☆Fixed dynamic link
V 1.1.0:
☆New app! Secure Folder
☆New app! Notes
☆Added restricted mode
☆New bootscreen and login
☆Added password creating ability
☆Better weather setup(Arena Closer idea)
☆Weather location can be changed in settings
☆Added Fahrenheit in weather(beta)
☆Major bugfix
☆New Power Menu
V 1.0.9:
☆Minor bugfix
☆Minor grammar fix
☆More hidden features
If everything will go as planned,
next update will be BigOS 1.1.0,
Major update, more apps and features!
V 1.0.8:
☆More root username hidden features
☆Random Toast when logging in
☆New software update test
V 1.0.7:
☆Fixed bug where nothing appears after "Saving Preferences" window(Sinh Van Nguyen report)
☆Complete kernel and boot rebuild(beta), if it wont boot, use recovery tool
☆Added data copy after updates(not tested, beta)
☆Better Grammar(Again)
☆Added a bunch of blocks(521->648)
☆Software update has been cloned on desktop
☆Added dynamic community link, if i reupload the flow you still can update using Software Update
☆Software Update has been updated(beta)
V 1.0.6:
☆B-GB in Informational panel(Arena Closer idea)
☆Emojis in Informational panel(Arena Closer idea)
☆Configuring weather screen is shrinked from 30 secs to only 7(Arena Closer idea)
☆Apps in BigOS now can open phone apps(Arena Closer Idea)
☆Added Daily Update check(early beta,
may not work)
☆More blocks(473->521)
V 1.0.5:
☆HOTFIX: Fixed software Update
☆Added What's new in Software Update
V 1.0.4:
☆Better Grammar
☆Removed not working apps
☆Shrinked block count(482->473)
☆Added Safe Mode(Kernel Failure)
☆Better debugmenu
☆New Game! Dice!
☆Minor Software Update style improvement
☆Fixed bug when "Configuring Weather..." message stucks on the screen
V 1.0.3:
V 1.0.2:
☆Software Update has been improved
V 1.0.1:
☆Fixed Tools app
V 1.0:
☆New apps
☆Better Grammar

You SHOULD have premium to launch this flow, it has 1255(!!!!!!) Blocks

Blocks might be placed in random positions, thats hard to fix!


Gamer Omega, 2020

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