🔑Bypass 30 block limit(Part 1)

by Sebastian Norr

Version 1 (April 24, 2016)

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You must have the following 3 programs to make it work:
"Bypass 30 block limit" = *
* (Part 1) (this program)
* (Part 2)
* (Switch)
And you probably also want:
* (cleanup)
but it's not required.

Search tag: [SN]

To stop this program you have to exit to the MAIN MENU, then press the 3 DOTS in top right corner and choose STOP ALL (or be really quick, best chance in the switch program).

This is a proof of concept on how to build programs that is larger than the 30 blocks limit but still enable free users to run the program.

What does it do?
This program only counts up a variable, but the interesting part is HOW it counts it.

Is it hard to make this kind of programs?
Depends on what you want to do, but not much harder than regular programing, basically each function can be split to a separate file instead of using GoTo blocks inside a flow, it can be tricky to pass variables between separate programs, for me the hardest part was to make sure the right program run at the right time, mostly because I had linked the programs wrong.

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