Amazon Fire Tablet - Easy Home Launcher Changer

by Cathi

Version 2 (March 28, 2022)

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Opens your selected app after the fire launcher gets opened (eg. you press the home button).

I made this flow, because none of the existing solutions for changing the default Launcher worked on my Fire 8 (10th generation).

I don't know if it works for older/newer models.

[ Tested with Fire OS (✓) ]

Known Issues:
- Your selected Launcher still appears under recently opened apps.
- Pressing the home button multiple times in a row will cause the flow not to open the selected app. [!! Temporary "fix" in Update 1 !!]

Update 1:
- After pressing the home button several times in a row, the flow checks if your selected App or Launcher is in the foreground. This should fix the issue in most cases.
- Instead of two starting points, there's only one now.
- Small fixes.

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