to VLC

by Rando the Random

Version 1 (March 29, 2022)

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Opens any given twitch stream.

1. Termux & Termux:Tasker (Install from F-Droid, as the Google Play Store version is outdated)
2. Streamlink (pkg install python clang && pip install Streamlink)
3. VLC on Android

In `/.termux/tasker`, create the following file ``:


streamlink$1 $2 --player-external-http --player-external-http-port 40129

Then create `` in the same directory:


kill -9 $(ps -eo pid,args | grep twitch | grep python | awk '{print $1}')

See the Termux documentation for proper permissions on these scripts.

There is a 5 seconds delay to accommodate for Streamlink starting up the HTTP server for VLC to connect to. Feel free to adjust depending on how good your internet is.