🍅 Pomodoro Cycler ⏰

by Favour

Version 2 (May 3, 2022)

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Popular Time Manager for breaking work into intervals separated by short breaks.

Ver. 2.2 [For Non-Premium Users; The previous more convoluted versions only work for premium users :')]


Short Work - 25 mins
Short Break - 5 mins
Long Work - 35 mins
Long Break - 9 mins

These settings can be changed in the the first set variable/array block. Just change the values to whatever you prefer. :)

After each work/Break Duration, volume is set to 100 and music is played via the Samsung music media player. You can change this package and activity to which ever music playing app you prefer.

The pomo timer proceeds to the next work/break period when the user accepts the pop-up dialog, otherwise the flow ends.

Please leave a review of whether you enjoyed this flow or hated it with every part of your soul.
I'd love to see your comments and know how to better tweak this flow for us non-premium users.

Have fun studying ^^


03/05/2022 -
• Removed unnecessary block checking for volume change from 100%
• Decreased default Break durations

----[COMING SOON]----

• Pause Feature -
Pause each work/break period and resume at previous time period without restarting the cycle


• I won't add a restart feature because obviously not.