Open Spotify in Private Mode

by Nicholas Cahill

Version 16 (December 14, 2022)

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It IS possible!

This will: Open Spotify. Click Home. Click Profile. Click Settings. Scroll to private mode. If private mode is not active, click private mode. Hit back twice.

Verified to work as Automate widget.

V15: scroll loop fix; got disconnected somehow
V14: Spotify software engineers finally fired the idiot that moved the settings button to a profile page. Order restored to the universe and this flow.
V13: Spotify software engineers can't help but rearrange all the invisible UI elements in every update. Fixed.
V12: fixed the newly re-broken settings menu again. Simplified some xpath expressions
V11: added home button press at start in case Spotify is open. Reapplied multiple loops to help handle hangups.
V10: updated for Spotify version (06/28/22) which moved the Settings button to the Profile page (which no one asked for).

Scroll loop timeout is customizable, default 5 seconds.

Known issues/limitations:
-Doesn't work if someone else is playing something on this account
-May not work in non-English versions. Not sure the cause of the reviewer's issue.

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