Shopee Helper v.1.4

by 15 พัฒน์ เตรียมรุ่ง

Version 6 (June 25, 2022)

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helper for Shopee app

Update 1.1 shopee live reminder repair

Update 1.2 shopee farm file repair

Update 1.3 bug fix

Update 1.4 language unsupported fix

1.Shopee live reminder

How to use it
1.volume up alarm sound
2.start the flow shopee app will start live that have bonus coin if do correct you will hear single beep
4.when bonus coin ready to collect
you will hear beep sound until you collect

if it not working shopee app
2.check accessibility
3.restart device
4.set app language to thai or english

2.Shopee farm reminder

How to use it
1.start the flow
2.check your notification shopee farm

timer will start for 3hour when time up
you will hear single beep and notification