Keep Screen Awake while unplugged

by Ryan Achata

Version 1 (June 7, 2022)

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My netbook running android x86 has a pesky bug where if the screen goes to sleep it won't come back on and I have to reboot the whole device, but I like having the screen saver mode when it's charging. If it's unplugged I don't need the screen to auto turn off since if I close the lid it shuts off the screen physically regardless if the system thinks the screen is on or not SO I made this to keep the screen active while unplugged and allow sleep when plugged in so the screen saver will work. Crashed every time I unplugged it while the screen saver was active however so I made it wake the screen but after I did that it would flag an error every time I plugged it back in so a little error catch fixed that and she works like a charm now

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