RSS News HeadLines 2.0

by P. Andreas Schmidt, IVE

Version 2 (May 10, 2023)

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Premium! - no root - no ADB

V2: fixed bug in API call, now premium flow

I've further improved my initial improvement on Nobin's headlines flow. The biggest change is creating a html view list of the headlines so you don't have to switch between the list dialog and web view. This allows also to return to the point where you were, as well as being able to fold headlines list per channel (it will remember which are opened or closed, all this is done using cookies, but nothing personal is saved, nothing shared). Further this allowed for a filtering feature, be it to exclude what you input or to show only what matches. This is done by regex .*your input.* So you can filter for corona|covid, or \\d+ (yes, you need to escape).
U can in/decrease font size.

This has been a lot of work for me, since I didn't have that much experience with JS, and getting the two things to work together... But it's great to see it worked out. And if you're looking for some input on how to pass an array from AM on to html view in JS have a look. I've tried to paste explanatory comments along the way to help understand.

It can be tricky. And I have only tried it on my device. And what there is so far is also thanks to the experience of different RSS feeds in different languages, so I hope it'll cover everything, but you never know... I doubt it will. If ever you don't get a desired result (be it nothing at all or errors in the listing) you should delete 3 blocks (e.g. the initial internet check and/or the atomics) in order to add a fork with a log wait block (configure message to be ".*localhost.* (In order to catch all html/js errors) to see where the mistake is happening. And whether you can fix it yourself or not let me know, so I can fix it or incorporate it in the flow for all.

In block 244 you'll have to edit the array to contain the RSS links you want to be fetched. In order to stay within the 30 blocks I had to leave it to manual editing.

In block 168 you can
1) change the period of how "new" your news can be. This is applied to all, also those stored in atomic. Default is 24hs. Depending on how many feeds you have and how many news they have per day, you wanna be careful in extending this period, or you might get problems.

2) add things you want filtered out (preconfigured is sports both as in category (which isn't always supplied in the RSS) or within the link, but that doesn't get all the sports news, and I didn't want to do it on all the titles in case there was something interesting that wasn't about some particular club or game just that I don't care about). So feel free to take out, adapt or add in what you want in order to get only what you want. But be careful.

In order to set the correct max width I used this flow by @lighfu, thx!

Thx @Game Omega for his flow and letting me know about the server:

Suggestions or bug notification welcome!

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