Timed IR mashine (UNDER 30 BLOCKS!!)

by Leonardo Crnčec

Version 2 (June 28, 2022)

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For it to work, you need to insert hexadecimal first 2 characters for device/address and command (other 2 characters are automatically inverted). Then you need to choose countdown or exact time and set it. Now, just relax and wait!

Thanks for downloading!
Also, thanks to developers of the app mentioned below! (NOT SPONSORED)

Q: How do I find NEC code for my device that I want to control?

A: Download app "IR Code Finder NEC protocol" (not sponsored in any way) from WasiliySoft and find your device by looking through database, and if there isn't such device, look it up manually. When you find it through database, save it, edit it, and then code should be visible. When looking manually, you can see code right away.

Code consists out of "DEVICE/ADDRESS" (4 characters) and "COMMAND" (4 characters). But, you only need 2 characters of each part because the other half is inverted.

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