Dash cam (auto start/stop, keep video for later)

by Alex Chudinov

Version 1 (July 4, 2022)

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[paid Automate required, no root] ver. 3.3.4
I have a free dash cam flow https://llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/33388 but this one is more stable and has got more features (requiring more blocks than allowed in the free Automate):
- videos are still started and stopped automatically depending on the orientation of the device and attached power source (this part was improved comparing to the free ver.)
- you can manually start/stop videos via the notification
- old videos are deleted, however now you control the maximum space occupied by the recordings
- still no extra apps required to take videos

Available only in the current flow (not via free Automate):
- a video can be protected from removal by swiping the notification
- proximity is taken into account when deciding whether to continue recording (useful, for example, when unmounting and storing in the pocket)
- the video will be captured even when on battery (no manual confirmation required), you control the lowest possible battery level
- you can start/stop videos at any time through the notification (charger and orientation are ignored in this case)
- files can now be stored in whatever folder
- videos can be captured either with or without sound
- videos are stored in chunks, the duration of each video is configurable

Jul 2022
- initial release (ver. 3.3.4)

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