Send WA text+multiple files to multiple contacts

by P. Andreas Schmidt, IVE

Version 1 (July 9, 2022)

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Perhaps more than an actual flow to do this automatically for you it's meant as an example of how to send things by Whatsapp through the start app block and a send intent.

1) enter a text message
2) pick at least one file (to keep within 30 blocks there's no check done on this!); Cancel to move on.
3) pick or hit cancel to enter at least one contact
4) the flow will automatically hit the buttons to send the things.
It works on my LG Velvet and hope it'll work on yours. If it doesn't, experiment and let us know in the comments.

If you have the Contacts Tasker plugin then first configure it to search through your account.

Like I said in the beginning I hope this will help anyone wanting to automatise their whatsapp.
1) I couldn't get it to send the text and files together - and that seems to be the way WA wants it, if you search on inet. That's why they're sent separately.
2) You can simply pass on variables (as you can see also arrays of files). You need to run the file path through the fileUri function first.
3) I didn't notice any difference in using SEND or SEND_MULTIPLE as intent.
4) WA has a special "jid" intent with the number to send to, check the blocks to see how it's done. They don't have to be saved contacts. If it's not valid it'll give you the contact picker.

Things may change in WA and the way they handle things so no guarantee it'll work forever! I've had to read on forums and ask around, so don't be afraid to do so yourself.

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