ShareMe vs AdGuard

by Lucien Bautista

Version 1 (July 14, 2022)

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Do you use ShareMe and the AdGuard app on your non-rooted Xiaomi smartphone? Have you experienced being forced by ShareMe to temporarily disable AdGuard because AdGuard is using VPN, and as a result, countless ads show up on ShareMe?

Introducing this flow.

Non-premium --- only 6 blocks

This flow automatically switches off AdGuard whenever you launch ShareMe. It, then, disallows ads on ShareMe even if AdGuard is disabled.

For a proper setup:
> Make sure to set this on your phone's Private DNS setting:
> On AdGuard, make sure that "Automation" is enabled in the Advanced setting. Make sure also that the PIN code is set to "random" (without quotation marks).

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