Hourly Sound (Installer)

by Thai PROgramer

Version 3 (August 9, 2022)

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This is installer of Hourly Sound
(description of "Hourly Sound" flow ⬇️)

Update 1 : installer fix , Update checker
Do you want a musical Clock like "Seiko melody in motion" but it too expensive? this flow will help you.
this flow will make your phone chime every hour

[How to start chime]

1.Start the flow
2.Click "sound"
3.Switch will change from "ON -= OFF"
to "ON =- OFF"

[How to change chime melody]

1.Start the flow
2.Click "Melody Selection"
3.Select melody you want

Melody list:

[How to Schedule on/off time]

1.Start the flow
2.Click "Schedule"
3.Set the time (example: 18 is 6 PM or 6 is 6 AM)


Chime Melody:

kurage 0814 https://youtube.com/channel/UC0XlYeGs3OTbLNP3cosJh0Q

himajin 9820

Update Checker:

Untitled animation