Money Manager Add Expense

by Philipp

Version 1 (August 5, 2022)

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Automates adding expense entries in Realbyte's Money Manager App based on notifications.

Currently supports notifications from the PayPal and German DKB, but can easily be adopted.

The "Add expense interactive" flow accepts a dictionary as payload with the following entries (all optional):
"type": 1 (income), 2 (expense) or 3 (transfer)
"account": ""
"amount": 0.00
"note": ""

The "Parse Notifications" flow extracts payment data from notifications and calls the above-mentioned flow. It is meant to be altered and/or extended to work with the notification of your desire. Therefore you'll have to change the notification package and title to look for, the regular expression to extract amount and note, and specify an account uid (see below).

I recommend adding a shortcut to your home screen for quick access.

Hint: to find out the account uid, use the app "SQLite Database Editor" to open a Backup (*.mmbak file) and search the assets table for the uid column.

Keywords: bank account parse notifications balance expense mony manager