NFC Automation Boilerplate

by Cem Sancak

Version 2 (May 6, 2016)

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This is a boilerplate flow that allows you to run flows of your choice depending on the content read from an Automate-written NFC tag.

By default, it assumes you have 3 tags with their contents set as "home", "office" and "other" that identify your location.

Instead of using 2 tags for enter/exit triggers for a location, this flow holds an action map that makes tags act as toggles. However, it assumes that you can only be at one location at any time (considers you to be "out" of location A when you get "in" location B without getting "out" of location A), so don't forget to change this behavior if you wish to take a different approach.

Although a bit unorthodox, clever usage of "go to" blocks allow for easier readability and scalability.