📞⏰🔔Special remote call to take silence off {A.M}

by Abraham Murciano Benzadon

Version 1 (May 5, 2016)

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Super light weight call for 10s exactly to switch phone ringer to 100%

Perfect flow for lost device at home and WiFi or data is switched off and you can't use Android Device Manager. You can call your phone for a specific time (I set it to 10s but you can change of you want) and it will ring loudly the second time you call so you can then find it.

Phone will await an incoming call from anyone (you can edit it to await call from a specific number if you wish) and will check if the call was hung up between 9s and 11s from the beginning of the call (you can change the time frames to whatever you wish). If it is hung up withing the time frame, the phone will switch to loud mode with ringer volume set to 100% so you can call again and it will ring loudly and find your phone.

Uses as little number of blocks as possible to help improve battery life, doesn't make the phone lag and perfect for users on free trial who have a limited number of running blocks.
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