📶 Premium WiFi OFF Timer⏳

by Alex C

Version 3 (May 6, 2016)

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Deactivates the WiFi, if there is no connection to a WiFi within 5 minutes. This flow checks constantly for a WiFi connection during the timeout.
If an active connection is detected, the timer is stopped, so you can enjoy the WiFi connection as long as you're connected to the access point.
(Unlike some other " Auto WiFi off" - flows, which just check once for a network connection and then kill it after a timeout)

To change the timeout value, change the value in the delay block.

If WiFi is already disabled, the flow waits for a state-change in the WiFi adapter (block 18), so your log won't fill up with nonsense.
Same goes for an active WiFi connection (block 15).

On my smartphone the energy saving screws up the timer a little. So probably you have to adjust the delay block if you want exact timing

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