For Car Music.

by Rafal Kowalski

Version 1 (May 6, 2016)

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it was created in mined to play music automatically once the the car Bluetooth it's detected and switch the Bluetooth off once there is no more connection (to save battery and security) however it's required to start the process.
this can by done by creating a shortcut of the process on the home screen.
the way it works:

1. switched the Bluetooth one
2. looking for the Bluetooth device that was set within the program (it need to be changed so it will work with your device)
3. sets the music volume to 90% (it depends on the device but in some cases then it's set to 100% it's losing quality)
4. plays music
5. once disconnected it will switched the Bluetooth off.

version 1.0

hope that it will be useful to you as it's to me.

if any question feel free to email: