[JD] Data/wifi on/off + sync ON DEVICE LOCK

by Jerzy DÄ…browski

Version 1 (May 15, 2016)

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Modify mobile/wifi status when DEVICE goes lock/unlock: if off do autosync every 'n' minutes (more frequently during daytime), while turning on/off the correct connection (either mobile or wifi). Never keep both active.

THIS IS SMALL MODIFICATION OF "Data/wifi on/off + sync 1.4" by LUCA FIOCCHI.

In Luca version data/wifi goes off when screen goes off i change it to device lock due to closing my connection when have voice call on Messenger or Skype (phone react on proximity sensor and switch of screen on call then Luca script kill data/wifi) so in my opinion better to have same on device lock)

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