🌎 Reply to SMS Location Requests

by Pete Glass

Version 19 (February 23, 2024)

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Allows people to query your location via a text message. If your device receives a text message that says "location?" your device will reply to the person that sent the text with a google map link containing your location, ideally after the location fix has an accuracy of 100 meters or better (accuracy can be customized in the flow). If the GPS fails to acquire a fix, a network location will be used. Flow should be running constantly in the background so this feature can be used when you, your family, or friends may need it. Check your sms limits per time interval in the automate settings for compatibilty with this flow.

The phrase to check, currently set to "location?" can be customized by modifying the PhraseReceived variable. In addition, OptionalPasswordSuffix variable which is currently blank can be updated if desired to require a password string which is appended to the standard phrase (for example, if this variable is set to "pa55" the text to trigger the location would then be "location?pa55"). The phone expression object can also be updated if desired using the following format so a location request can only be executed from texts sent by specific phone numbers using the following format... phone = "5552123344" || phone = "5552145544"

Note: The "Google Play Services" option in the automate settings should be disabled so your device can obtain an accurate location fix.

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