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Version 6 (November 7, 2016)

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Best practice for a flow returning a variable. High complex example of calling a fiber(function) with a payload(parameter) and return a value.

Solved by a simple callback function, which can be reused for all calls having same syntax of parameters.

How to use:
1. Start the 00 Main Fiber
2. Select a C&R flow(your function/method to call) I.e. 50 Subflow (*C&R)
3. Select the Subflow again(improved users can call other fibers)

Done. The calculation n*5 with the parameters 5 and 2 was made and written to your log file.

For productive use create a new flow and copy the Subflow. So you can have function calls with return over multiple flows.

Version 2 - Index optimization. The Callback fiber is defined due coding and don't need to be selected.
Version 3 - Validate existing parameter for calling

Do not change the syntax of payload (expecially for fiber uris). But you can add or remove variables at the beginning of the caller payload in the new version.

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Have a look on my other flows. Search for '[HS]'.

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