Easy to use JARVIS

by Ben S

Version 5 (May 29, 2016)

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Based on JARVIS by ENOUCH OU but I removed the alarm and accelerometer detection so that it can be used on the fly and can be started immediately by other flows (for instance from the 'help me wake up' flow). Though the flow is easier to use now it is by no way simpler, there are many blocks.

I also changed the notification of the number of 'unread emails' to 'new emails that are in the notification bar'.

The flow checks new WhatsApp messages, new text messages, new Facebook messages, new email messages, today's events in the calendar and today's weather and will report this all to you in speech.
You might want to update the sms app it checks for new messages with the default app you are using so you do get those updates from JARVIS.

Since I do not like to have my GPS on all the time I set the location for weather information directly in the flow. If you do have GPS on it will grab the location from that, if not you should update your location in the flow on the left side.

Whenever JARVIS speaks it uses the IVONA TTL. If you do not have this installed I believe it will automatically revert to google TTL but this does increase lag before JARVIS starts talking.
Although IVONA is not available in the app store on newer android versions you can still find the apk online and it works well.

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