🔘 Security Location Updater {FI} (No Root)

by Finni

Version 5 (August 27, 2016)

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OUTDATED => My flow "🔘 Security Modules {FI}" is newer and better!


Uploads your positions to google drive, so you can see where your phone is if it is stolen or lost. Because this doesn't need a rooted device, you need to have High Accuracy Location services permanently turned on :( but don't worry it won't use much battery because they will only be used for a few seconds every seven minutes.

If you want to have some extra security, you can activate the MOD, which will automatically take a picture with the front camera if the password is entered wrong two times. The photo will be uploaded with the next update. You can also change the time between auto updates in the lowest block. (default: 7 min)

The flow could potentially crash if you keep connecting and disconnecting to the internet quickly, but it shouldn't be a problem.

If you have the free version, just remove the 1 second delay right after the Beginning Block of the main enginge. Some problems could occur if you use the MOD, but I think without it, you should be able to start it with the free version of "Automate". If not, remove "unnecessary " blocks like the Toast Messages.

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