⚡🔋Battery Profiles + Smart Sreen-Off Saver [ROOT]

by Edd “eddto”

Version 5 (September 17, 2017)

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Sets several conditions depending on your battery status. Now with Smart Sreen-Off Saver and Battery Alarm.

⚠ Requires ROOT.

》Smart Sreen-Off Saver:

- Disables WiFi and/or Mobile data, when screen is off and there is no download in progress.

- Turns them back on, when screen on, after prompting you.

- Will not disable WiFi or Data if download is ongoing.

⚠ Phones' screen must be off for at least 10 seconds for it to work.

》Smart Battery Alarm:

- When battery is almost full(99%) or full, alarm is turned on.

- Turns alarm off after disconnecting.

- Prompts if you want to enable it.

⚠ Don't turn on alarm if battery level is higher than 95%, if not alarm will ring continuously until you take out charger.

》Battery Profiles:

- Sets optimised governors for different battery levels.

- Asks to enable Airplane Mode for faster charging, and turns it off after charging, if it was enabled.

- When charging, asks if you want to stay connected to WiFi, Bluetooth and Mobile Data, if enabled. Turns brightness to 40% and also re-checks if Wi Fi is on after 5 mins, if not, it is turned off.

- Also enables syncing when connected to WiFi and charging.

- When battery is less than 60% reduces brightness and checks Wi-Fi, Mobile Data and Bluetooth, automatically disabling them if not in use.

- When battery is very low (>25%) turns off your data connection, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, after asking you. Also switches brightness to 5% for battery saving.

》Tip: Try to charge your phone from 0% to full, if possible, and increase your battery life.


-v5: Removed most of the messy connections and added prompt to alarm (suggested by Mr. super-tuto).

- v4: Added governors for different battery levels and sync on charge.

- v3: Added Smart Sreen-Off Saver & removed bugs.

- v2: Added Bluetooth to list

- v1: Release of first version?😕

》My comments:

Taking a break, but keep the suggestions coming.

You are free to modify and upload to Automate Community as long as you credit me.👍

I will try to update and improve this as much as possible.

Search "Edd" in Automate Community for my other works.

Let me know if you enjoy it! 😊
(Took me a long time to make)

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