🔋Connectivity Saver v4.5

by Daniel Nguyen

Version 1 (May 31, 2016)

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Much more intelligent connectivity Saver!

Update: Save even more power with sleep state!

Turns on/off data on the go depending on the charge level, and if the phone is on or off. If battery level is lower than the amount, data will not turn on.

Switches to WiFi automatically when in range of any known WiFi, and disables data to save power. When not in range, WiFi turns off and data turns on depending on battery level.

When charging, WiFi will stay on, and data will only go on when the phone is unlocked.

When turning on Bluetooth, if no device is selected during pop-up, it will turn off in a minute.

Now supports dual sim! Switches between primary and secondary sim when using data! No need to go to settings and activating one sim and disabling the other!

Timers can be adjusted in flow chart. Feel free to use it!

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