⌚Wearables VS 🚗Car dock (Bluetooth)

by Jean-Philippe Bégin

Version 1 (August 25, 2016)

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This flow was made to accelerate the things I was doing before each of my customers when entering or getting out of my car (Please read below).

Entering in the car automations:
1. Ask you if you are a passenger or not when you enter in your car (bluetooth detection, will wait next connection if you answered no)
2. If you aren't a passenger it will set the volume correctly (Please note that it wont set it back to previous values after)
2. Open "Google Play Music" app and let you a couple of seconds to choose your playlist
3. Will ask you if you need a navigation software
4. Will open "Google Map" if you answered yes
5. Will wait a couple of seconds to enter your destination and will then open the app "Vehicle logger" to log your kilometers.

Exiting the car:
1. Will set screen timeout to 30 seconds
2. Will open the app Vehicle logger
3. Will check for bluetooth status and enable it if its not enable.
4. Will connect to bluetooth device that was connected before entering in the car.

You will have to edit those blocks:
02. Edit the block to choose your car bluetooth address
08. Edit the block to set your audio player
10. Edit the block to choose your preferred navigation app
71. Edit the block to set your preferred kilometers logging app
45. Edit the block to set your preferred kilometers logging app

This flow is still under testing. Worked on and off for me. Seems to be more stable when "Bluetooth connect" blocks are edited to your favorite Bluetooth wearables. I HIGHLY recommend that you install my other flow with the same name followed by (NFC). This flow is triggered when your phone is over your car dock NFC tag. Hope this helps. Enjoy!

Search for my other scripts with the hashtag [ JPB ] !!!