OK Google

by Mark Newton

Version 1 (June 2, 2015)

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Use Ok Google to complete certain tasks with Google Now commands. Google Search is automatically closed when a command is recognized.

√ Set audio volume
√ Clear a notification or notifications
√ Kill apps/processes

Each voice command uses a action verb and a noun.

Set Audio Volume:
Action Verbs [Ringer, Notification, Alarm, Music, DTMF]
Noun [Volume]

Ringer Volume 100 or Ringer Volume 100 percent

*To change all audio stream volumes just use "Volume".

Clear Notification:
Action Verbs [Clear, Cancel]
Noun [Notification]

Clear Notification or Cancel Notification

*To clear all non persistent notifications use "Notifications" as the noun.

Kill App:
Action Verbs [Kill, Close, Stop]
Noun [App Name]

Kill Firefox or Close Firefox

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