🔊Multi app volume🔊 [NP]

by George Skitt

Version 4 (June 5, 2016)

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BUGS: Unknown, please write a review if you find a bug

DESCRIPTION: Clicking on the notification you can add a volume rule, whenever you open the selected app it will set to the selected volume.

–If you want the volume bar to pop-up, tick the box 'show volume popup' in blocks 81 & 120.

–If you don't want the volume to set back to what it was before, connect block 90's NO directly to block 78's IN.

–If you want to change the audio stream (default if music), change the 'Audio stream' in blocks 81, 120 & 66


Ver1: First release! Can't remove apps properly, it always removes the first one in the list.

Ver2: Fixed the issue of removing rules, no known bugs!

Ver3: Stopped it showing volume pop-up, forgot to do this in older versions.

Ver4: Now sets the volume back to what it was before.

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