⚛ JARVIS (Free: First Unlock)

by Enoch Ou

Version 1 (June 6, 2016)

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This flow was modelled after JARVIS from Iron Man. When you unlock your phone for the first time after 5am, she will provide the time, weather, and some basic notification info. Then she'll open your calendar if you have an event and you give vocal confirmation.

Example: "Good morning. It's 7am. The weather in Toronto is 17 degrees with scattered clouds. You have 2 unread emails and no Facebook messages. And your calendar indicates that you have 2 events scheduled for today. Would you like to view them?"..."As you wish. Here's today's agenda. Have a good day."

Download the IVONA Text-to-Speech app and download the free "Amy" voice. Then set all the speech blocks (which have all been aligned to one column) to use that voice. I use IVONA because it sounds more natural than google's voice, there's a smaller delay between when the speech block is triggered and when it actually starts speaking, and there's a more natural pause between sentences.

1. To provide vocal confirmation, you can say any of the following: yes, ya, yup, yep, sure, do it, go for it
2. An alternate version "⚛ JARVIS (Free: Alarm)" is triggered by an alarm instead of an unlock.
3. I haven't yet figured out how to differentiate between 1 Facebook message and 2 Facebook messages in the notification, so she will just assume that there is "one Facebook message" if there is at least one.
4. You can change the start of the day to a time other than 5am. Edit the time in the last block, at the bottom of the flow.

Shoutout to Skizuki for coming up with trigger method.

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