Silent/Vibrate mode at work

by Kenny Foo-Kune

Version 9 (June 27, 2016)

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This can save your job! Don't let your phone ring during meetings again!

Automatically change ringer mode at work.
Ringer set back to normal after work hours.
Option to turn wifi on/off during that time.

Version 3: fixed tiny bug with wifi set state.
Version 4: Requires full version of Automate. Added feature to remember previous input settings.
Version 5: Added interface to allow user pick work days.
Version 6: Media Volume set to 0% during work hours. After work hours, media volume set back to previous %.
Version 7: Wifi set back to previous state after work hours, if changed during work hours.
Version 8: Fixed issue with workdays not set properly.
Version 9: Fixed issue with location finding waiting for change when already at workplace.

Due to more than 30 blocks used in version 4 and above, Automate will not allow users with free version to use this flow.

If you want a free version of this feature, search:
"Silent/Vibrate mode at work free"

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