🔘 Security Modules {FI} (No Root)

by Finni

Version 4 (August 27, 2016)

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+=+ Work In Progress +=+
✔ Remove Silent Module
✔ Intruder Module
✔ Location Module
✔ Upload Module
✔ FaF Flow (Flow and Forget)
✔ Customizable (Choose Time Intervals, Intruder Flow etc.)

Remove Silent Module: Send your phone an sms saying "loud!" to make it set the ringtone to Max volume, so you can call and hear it if you can't find it.

Location Module: Saves your location. Because this doesn't need a rooted device, you need to have High Accuracy Location services permanently turned on :( but don't worry it won't use much battery because they will only be used for a few seconds every seven minutes. (The flow could potentially crash if you keep connecting and disconnecting to the internet quickly, but it shouldn't be a problem. Also, the Flow works way better outside, than in a house/tunnel.)

Intruder Module: Will automatically take a picture with the front camera if the password is entered wrong two times.g

Upload Module: Uploads all the collected data (location, intruder photo etc...) to Google Drive every XYZ minutes. (You can set XYZ)

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