🎧 VOLIFY v1.42 - Headset/Spotify Automation

by Sodam Yat

Version 1 (June 17, 2016)

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Opens Spotify, and sets media volume to 50% when headphones/speakers are connected. Returns to the home screen, and mutes media volume when headset or speakers are disconnected.

Tested with bluetooth headphones, wired headsets, earbuds, and speakers without issue.


Have tastes for explicit music that would cause Human Resources to blush? Fear not! With new EmbarraGuard technology, only you hear your music. No more embarrassing unplugs! The security exists in the delay and is mostly needed for Bluetooth devices powering on. Modify your delay based on the activation/pairing time of your Bluetooth device.

NOTICE: Elevated permissions may be required to access the mobile OS for the home screen execution. Removing this block(#9) will remove the requirement.

-v1.42 - 6/14/16 - Release
▪Published to Automate.

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