🚨RED ALERT - Emergency Phone Recovery

by Sodam Yat

Version 20 (December 24, 2016)

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Has your mobile device been lost or stolen?


▪Send an SMS with R3DAL3RT to your device running this flow and the device will be switched to full volume. Red Alert has been initiated!
▪Call your device running this flow, let it ring for precisely 7 seconds (anywhere between 6 & 8 seconds), then hang up. Your device will be switched to full volume. Red Alert has been initiated!

12/23/2016 - End of Support: This flow will no longer be updated and will remain as is in its current working format.



✔Mobile device flashes.
✔Mobile device vibrates.
✔Mobile device goes to maximum volume, locate it even if you silenced it!
✔Mobile device warns individuals nearby that you're actively searching for your phone via Google's Text-to-Speech Engine.
FaF algorithm(Flow and Forget), activate this flow and it will be ready for when you need it.
Custom alarm tone, select your own alarm tone when you first initiate the flow.
Alternate phone call trigger, for those using encrypted SMS technology.
Cancel prompt, for when you locate your device. (NOTE: Lock your mobile device if you're using this feature -- so thieves can not cancel it!).

-v7.93 - 6/16/2016 - Beyond Signal
▪Due to encrypted SMS not triggering the Alert (i.e. Signal from Open Whisper Systems, Go SMS Pro, and Project Fi from Google), added phone call functionality as an alternative. Credit to Abraham Murciano Benzadon for this trigger, his flow is available here ➡ http://llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/4445
Suggested Alert: http://zedge.net/r615001?src=a&v=5.2.4

NOTE:🛡SENTINEL Mobile Security Suite is a full security solution loaded with additional enhancements and features, it is available here ➡ http://llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/9005

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