bypass XPOSED Security Alert Code 2 (UPDATED)

by Jamie W

Version 5 (August 16, 2016)

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Alternative to individual game launchers.
Works with ALL Netmarble games, to play them with XPOSED installed!

*** This script is ONLY for the SECURITY ALERT CODE 2 [XPOSED] error - and NOT for other Security Alert code 2 [SomeOtherApp] errors, such as GameKiller or other detected cheat apps! QUIT any running game cheat apps before launching game if you're getting a security alert code error that does NOT say [xposed] !!!!

This script works 100% for the XPOSED error. AGAIN, THIS IS NOT A SCRIPT FOR OTHER/ALL SECURITY ALERT CODE 2 ERRORS, SO DONT RATE 1 STAR IF YOUR ERROR DOES NOT SAY "SECURITY ALERT CODE 2 [XPOSED]" !!!! (like some ID10T did who did not read this, lol!)

It simply toggles the renaming of the xposed data folder, as described by DeepPurple72 on the XDA-DEVELOPERS website.
Read here:

** This script has been updated to deal with "duplicate folders" caused by a toggle off & reboot.


*note: after downloading & installing the new updated script, (1) remove the old shortcut from your homescreen (2) delete the old script from automate (3) create a new shortcut on your homescreen...

*** to create shortcuts for automate scripts:
In automate, EDIT the flowchart
click on the 1st block ( flow beginning block ),
then click on the Install Homescreen Shortcut button
(Then click OK or CANCEL, and DONE to exit the editor)

*** This is NOT a launcher, therefore there is NOT a START APP block in this script. This script simply toggles the xposed installer's data folder name.

*** usuage: simply click on the script shortcut you created. A "toast" message will pop up informing you whether xposed is "on" or "off" for gaming.
(1) toggle off xposed
(2) launch game
(3) toggle on xposed after quitting game

*** Make sure xposed is toggled on BEFORE rebooting !

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