🔊🔄 Volume Manager [HS] (*C&R)

by Hub Space

Version 7 (September 28, 2016)

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Set and keep volume. Choose outputs and volume. The 00 flow will wait volume to change. If you do not reverse the volume back to your specified volume after 5 seconds the flow will do automatically. The 01 flow will set the volume just once.

This Flow is designed to be used in my modular flows with payload integration.

Add payload to skip picking the output and volume manually. The payload is equal to be used in flow 00 and 01.

You can buildup your personal payload with a nice GUI.

(This is also the first flow support payload creation with return - It will be named C&R. This will be always a feature in my next flows, to support more modularity)

Add payload with {"vol":{"75": [2,3]},"notify":1} for ring and music set the volume to 75%.

A payload {"vol":{"50":[2], "80":[3]},"notify":2} will set ring to 50% and music to 80%

- 7.8.16 Version 6, Refactoring, add notification to stop/pause/start keeping volume
- 28.9.16 Version 7, new payload syntax! Optimized fork creation to allow a parent flow to stop it's own volume controlling fibers but keep others running. (don't need to use the stop flow block, now you can use stop fiber block)

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Have a look on my other flows. Search for '[HS]'.

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