AI Assistant with voice [Premium]

by Jo Bar

Version 6 (August 16, 2016)

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** Improved Version **

It's a kind of complete AI assistant. You can reply in English or French.

It's the most complicated flow I've ever made and still in beta but *NOW* it detect itself the language it should speak. AI now speak either in English or French depending on your language settings.

I took some inspirations from Tokan Chan, Maypo, Jarvis and Simple Personal Assistant. I thank a lot their creators for their work.

Version 2 : Renamed one variable, changed a delay to "inexact" to reduce battery usage

Version 3 : Replaced contains function by intersect function and added more sentences. Same work was done when AI needs confirmation

Version 4 : Removed "video" feature and related blocks, Updated battery notification and consumption, Updated weather blocks and logic (Thanks to Jarvis Project), Updated blocks for the taking picture feature, Updated TTS messages, Updated phone call feature (but it doesn't work on my S6) and normally that's all ^^

Version 5 : !! Major Release !! Now included language detection !! Also added screenshot feature.
Know Issue : There is still some hardcoded English TTS output in the weather feature. I think I need to rewrite from scratch to fix it properly.

Version 6 : Contains 2 small fixes,
- Fixed battery fiber unexpected stop.
- Added a second volume block as TTS output seems to be redirected throughout the Music output.

* The whole became a real nightmare to debug since I've included the language detection, tell me if you want me to rewrite the flow from scratch *

Please comment if you like it or if you encounter any issues. You can also write me to

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