Switch Last App

by muzaffer atav

Version 1 (July 17, 2016)

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Use it for switching between last 2 or 3 applications recently used. There has to be another flow or application to trigger it. I am using "All in one Gestures" at the moment. As I develop it, it has become larger and larger. There might be a (much) more compact version but not very soon. For some parts I have used some parts from community flows: "Auto Screen Brightness - Formula Version" and "Multi Apps Brightness". Some naming might be inherited and stayed as they use. As I said it can be reduced hugely by removing many options, many of them were created for debugging purposes. And there are lots of blocks to keep flow manageable and understandable. I could not upload it on day 10 of my Automate history as I intended but 4 days later.