⌚ Smartwatch SMS

by Christian Timmermans (SuicideMouse666)

Version 2 (July 29, 2016)

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Use voice to text technology to send SMS through your smartwatch.

**Pre-Alpha Build** **Developed with a U80 Smart Watch** **NEED HELP!**

Once the thread is active, use the dialpad on your bluetooth smart watch to enter the trigger code "100"

Once entered and called the call will end and you will hear a beep. Record your message by speaking into the device and then be silent until you hear a second beep. This means that the recording is over. Your speech will be recorded in a text file for later use.

Now go back to the dialpad and enter the trigger number "101". This final trigger will initiate the prompt to enter the phone number that you would like to message.

Thank you for your support and cooperation in the development of this application.

Total control from watch

Possibly voice activated contact/number choice