SMS forwarder [NP]

by George Skitt

Version 14 (May 9, 2019)

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Made for ALPHA 1.4.0a1

This will let you send an SMS from a device with no sim card as long as you have a phone running this flow and an internet connection. It will also let you receive texts and forward them to the device with no sim so you can easily read them!

When you start you will be asked to select a google account that you will use on both devices. Then it will ask for an account that will encrypt the message, just create an automate generic account, this needs to be the same on both devices. Then you are asked if this is the sender or receiver device.

It works using the cloud message block.

V5 - added an auto update feature
V6 - fixed auto update feature...
V7 - fixed auto update feature?
V8 - please say this fixed it.
V9 - OK I think it's fixed now, to anyone out there I don't think emojies work with the auto updater flow made by the developer.
V10 - It now stops the old flow and deletes the file that it downloaded, however, you still need to delete the old flow from automate.
V11 - added a notification when you receive a message so you don't have to guess.
V12 - made it try to resend the message upon failure instead of giving up.
V13 - Fixed the title
V14 - don't know whats going on with the title but I think this fixes it.

All feedback is appreciated.

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